Why that ‘Exorcist’ TV series feels like such a betrayal

When the first promo dropped for FOX's TV series adaptation of The Exorcist, I and many other horror fans were left aghast at what appeared to be a completely wrong-headed utilization of that classic title. At the time I described the show as a “cynical cash grab,” and I'll stand by that assessment until those involved can prove me wrong. When you're brazen enough to exploit a title as beloved as The Exorcist, the burden of proof is on you to prove that you're not just slapping it onto a weak imitation of the original.

On this week's episode of Nightmare Fuel, I talk to Daily Dead Managing Editor and horror guru Heather Wixson about all things Exorcist (while we're at it, doesn't Geena Davis deserve better?), in addition to The X-Files (is it time for Chris Carter to step aside from his own series?) and the controversy over FOX's live Rocky Horror Picture Show musical, which has become a lightning rod for some members of the LGBT community by casting transgender actress Laverne Cox as the cross-dressing alien Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

You can follow Heather on Twitter @thehorrorchick and check out her all work over at Daily Dead.

Nightmare Fuel Episode 11 topics:

1. The Exorcist: 0:00-8:36

2. The X-Files: 8:37-16:23

3. Rocky Horror: 16:24 on

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