Recap: ’24’ Day 8 – ’12 a.m. to 1 a.m.’

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 “24” fans: it’s the week you’ve been waiting for: the dreaded Kevin storyline comes to a close! Ding dong, the loser’s dead! Since his death distracted two of CTU’s finest at a critical juncture in the investigation, no doubt we’ll feel the fallout from his death for some time to come. But for now, let’s light up some nuclear fuel rods like radioactive sparklers on the 4th of July and relive what went down in the midnight hour. 

[Full recap of Monday’s (Feb. 22) night’s “24” after the break…]

Jack uses Sergei to attempt to triangulate Josef’s location. Jack’s up front with Josef, telling him about the immunity deal he cut with his father. Josef’s apparently willing to cut the deal (thereby instantly negating last week’s cliffhanger before the first commercial break), but Farhad’s men snipe him in a way that would make Cole proud. CTU is unable to trace the exact location, but does ID Farhad’s voice. So, so much for David Anders, I suppose. Sigh. If this means he lands on a better show, then I shall celebrate his death with some enthusiastic riverdancing. He’s second only to Katee Sackoff in terms of “great actors completely wasted on this show. 
On the way to the newly minted crime scene, Jack talks to a still shaken Renee. He insists that she did nothing wrong when she turned Vlad into her own personal stabbing board, and that it’s time she actually starts believing that. Things get a little romantic when Renee confirms that Jack’s interest in her is more than her propensity for violence. 
Meanwhile, Rob Weiss calls Hastings for an update on the situation. Looks like he’s feeling the heat from this botched operation, and since resurrecting CTU was his idea, blame cannot fall on Hastings, his hand-picked man to lead the newest branch. The best target? Renee Walker. Hey, you big mean Chief of Staff, you stay away from Jack’s girlfriend! 
Arlo calls Cole, who is still at the truck depot. He sends Cole coordinates from Dana’s recent phone activity. Suddenly, Arlo seems to have qualms about sabotaging their relationship, but Cole has a little business to attend to after sending the rest of his squad back home. Seriously, is anyone besides Jack and Chloe working on this case at this point? Honestly. 
Speaking of Dana, she pulls up near Kevin’s van. Inside the van? Heavy metal music, booze, and strippers. Outside the van? Dana doing her best impersonation of Jodi Foster in “The Brave One.” Before Hastings can fully interrogate Arlo about her whereabouts, Weiss’ hand-picked Justice department lawyer, Kristin Smith, comes to do the Chief of Staff’s dirty business. While Hastings has serious misgivings about feeding Renee to the vultures, he leads her to Renee just before she signs Chloe’s debrief. Chloe protests, but is sent back to her desk. Major pouting here, even by Chloe’s standards. 
Rather than going to the airfield as originally planned, Farhad’s heavies take the rods to a warehouse. Farhad’s not happy with the change in venue, nor the dozen or so new soldiers inside said location. Their new plan? Use the rods as a weapon on American soil! They theorize that since the Americans know about the imminent sale, moving them out of the country, why not throw a little radioactive party right there? Farhad is worried since a move will cause retaliation on his homeland, but his henchman insists that would happen anyways. But maybe, just maybe, an attack in Washington would give them pause. I’d opt for a flash mob or a Rickroll to show them who’s boss, but I guess this is why I’m not a terrorist. Farhad begrudgingly assents to the plan. Wow, “begrudging assention” seems to be the theme of this week’s episode. First Josef, now Harhad. 
Back at CTU, Smith looks for holes in Renee’s testimony. She keys in on Vlad’s abusive past with Renee in order to provoke her, noting that 15 times is about 14 times too many for someone acting in self-defense. Breaking out photos of Vlad’s impaled body breaks Renee’s spirit slightly, leaving her muttering the “self-defense” argument without making eye contact with her interrogator. Smith insists that the mission served Renee’s self-interest, not America’s. Sensing weakness, Smith brings up Alan Wilson’s treatment at her hands. Interestingly, Smith goes the soft route, not the hard route, in order to coax an admission from Renee. Not a bad scene. I know, I’m as shocked as you. 
Upon his arrival at CTU, Jack instantly snuffs out the plan to make Renee the fall guy. So what does he do? Casually walk to the medical wing, take out the security guard, and then CHOKE THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL. Man, Jack really wants that first date. He’s too late to stop her admission, and gets a backful of taser for his troubles. Nice to know Jack can actually still feel pain at this point. For a while I thought he was an invulnerable as Robert Carlyle in “The World is Not Enough.” 
In the Warehouse of Radioactive Fireworks, there’s a problem: building a bomb is apparently easy, but a detonator is a bigger problem. Farhad insists that he knows someone who can help: a professor with expertise in electronics. But to convince this man, Farhad will need to speak with him alone and exercise some discretion. Also, he says he has to go to the bathroom really, really bad. OK, he doesn’t say that, but Lord he’s sketchy when offering up this plan. Incredibly, his henchman doesn’t smell trouble here, and lets Farhad leave with one of his lieutenants. Farhad takes the 1-1 time and smashes his walking buddy’s body with a nearby wrench, and makes a break for it. 
“So this is the new CTU: we hang our own!” bellows Jack at Hastings, as the two stand face to face in the latter’s office. Jack reminds Hastings that he asked for Renee’s help, and threatens to call the president. Kinda sounds like the “I’m gonna call my Mom!” defense. Before things come to fisticuffs, Farhad calls CTU and alerts them to the backstabbery going on up in his neck of the woods. With Cole AWOL, Hastings sends his second-best to lead the squad to secure Farhad. His name? Owen. Say, that name sounds familiar… 
The strippers leave Kevin’s van, apparently freaked out by Kevin’s freakish friend Nick. There’s no sex in the champagne room, and there’s no sex in Kevin’s beat-up van, either. When Kevin goes to relieve himself in the woods, Dana makes her way over to the van. Before she can arrive, Cole pulls up in the van and tries to drag her back to CTU. She tries to remain coy about her secret, but finally fesses up: she tells him her real name. It’s Anastasia, and she’s the heir to the Russian throne. OK, it’s “Jenny Scott,” but I like my version better. 
Hastings briefs Agent Owen on the operation. Hey, it’s Creepy Squirmy Guy That Didn’t Know How to Secure His Vest Last Week! Jack thinks this operation is doomed to fail, and offers his services in exchange for dropping the charges against Renee. He appeals to Hastings on a personal level, noting that he himself once sat in Hastings’ chair. Hastings agrees, under one condition: Jack’s no longer in and out as he pleases. Jack has to stay through the end of the crisis. He agrees. Aaaah, love. 
The confessions continue in Cole’s van. After hearing the full tale, Cole realizes that Dana’s packing heat, shocked at the gun he finds in her hand. With a steely resolve, and a steel pistol in his hand, he walks up to the van and points his weapon at Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dummer. Naturally, Dana pokes her head in to let them know she’s there. He offers them two options: another jail sentence (with Dana more than likely included), or they leave New York forever. The pair agree to the latter, but immediately after Cole closes the side door, Kevin’s insane in the membrane partner Nick pulls out a gun, declares things not close to over, and then stabs Kevin in the heart. 
Nick then stalks Cole and Dana, anxious to finish him off to continue his lucrative partnership with her. Kevin manages a scream from the van, which allows Cole to take cover and eventually shoot Nick in the chest. “I’m sorry. I should have never come back.” Couldn’t agree more, Kevin. That’s the smartest thing you’ve said all season. Cole looks around at the bloodbath around him and thinks he might rethink the red cummerbunds for the groomsmen at his wedding. 
Happy to see the Kevin plot resolved? Or too simply bored to care at this point? Is Hastings finally worthy of his position, or is he too far gone as well? Leave your comments below!

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