Watch: John Mayer’s video for ‘Heartbreak Warfare’

04.12.10 9 years ago

So here”s your chance to know what it feels like to be John Mayer. No, not the John Mayer who can”t keep his mouth shut when it comes to talking about masturbation or sleeping with Jessica Simpson or breaking up with Jennifer Aniston. We mean the John Mayer who plays before sold-out audiences each night.

It should come as really no surprise after all the brick bats thrown his way lately for his lug-headed comments to Playboy  that Mayer decided to play it safe– really artfully, tastefully safe– with his new black and white video for “Heartbreak Warfare,” the latest single from “Battle Studies.”

The video for the song, about the war between men and women in affairs of the heart, takes us on the stage with Mayer. As the album version of the song plays, we”re treated to live footage (Why didn”t they just record a live version? That would be more compelling and he can certainly pull that off.)  We get the live crowd noise in the beginning, but that”s a live as this one gets. Heck, the audience cheering could be from a Scorpions concert for all we know.

The idea is clearly to remind us that before he became known for dating other celebrities and reaching a million followers on Twitter and saying things that turned into tabloid fodder for weeks, Mayer used to be known as a musician and a fine one at that.  Call it Damage Control 101 or call it ignoring the elephant in the room, but the video will appeal to the folks who still want the focus squarely on Mayer”s music. For those interested in Simpson in the bedroom, this video can”t help you. You’re on your own for that one.

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