Watch: Ke$ha apologizes for her 15-year old self bashing Britney

03.22.10 9 years ago 2 Comments

She”s only two hits into her 15-minute career and yet Ke$ha is already trying to turn back the clock.

Watch below as Ke$ha squirms through the interview for “So You Think You Can Dance Australia” about the leaked track “Styrofoam,” which disses another bleached-bottle blonde, Britney Spears. Ke$ha can”t really be held responsible, y”all, because she cut the song when she was, like, 15, and she didn”t write that line. Plus, as she so Ke$ha-like explains, “I didn”t have the balls to not sing it.” Of course, now she has mad respect for Brit Brit.
See the explanation and then below that is the song that started it all, “Styrofoam.”
Thanks to Idolator for bringing the clip to our attention.

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