Watch: ‘Massive Attack’ from Nicki Minaj featuring Sean Garrett

04.01.10 9 years ago 5 Comments

We”re finally hearing-and seeing-what Nicki Minaj, the go-to girl for everyone from Mariah Carey to Usher, can do on her own and we have to say, we”re not impressed.

“Massive Attack” is about something that we totally can”t decipher, but it”s mainly a collection of really dull beats with no apparent hook within 100 miles. However, we”ve seen great videos created with less. Not this time. Using this year”s go-to setting, Minaj and guest, Sean Garrett (who is featured in the song much more than Minaj), are in the desert. She has a hot pink Lamborghini and there are some strange military scenes that hint at a coup, but basically she”s trying to be Lady GaGa and it”s not working. Instead, we just get a jumbled montage of spiders and snakes and Minaj looking like she”s in some wacky “Project Runway” photo shoot. She can”t seem to get out of the desert or jungle, but she brought a seemingly endless number of outfits with her. Our favorite scene is the monkey. Go monkey go!
We”ll reserve judgment until we hear more, but some folks are better as spice added to the main dish and not the main dish themselves.

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