Watch: Samuel L. Jackson and Annette Bening navigate ‘Mother and Child’

05.06.10 9 years ago

Rodrigo Garcia faced a long road bringing “Mother and Child” to the screen.  Financing independent films has never been easy and in this current economy and the increasingly undependable home entertainment market it’s becoming almost non-existent.  Through perseverance Garcia was able to cobble enough money to get his melodrama to the big screen and a premiere at last year’s Toronto Film Festival.  Now, Sony Pictures Classics is bringing “Child” to theaters slowly,  but surely, across the country.

Focusing on three seemingly unconnected women, Garcia’s intertwined stories all hint at a sadness and desperation in modern day Los Angeles.  This pundit was not a fan of the film when it screened at Toronto, but it’s easy to see how most of the ensemble cast are conveniently approaching big moments in their careers.  Naomi Watts has Woody Allen’s “You Meet A Tall Dark Stranger” and the highly-anticipated “Fair Game” both premiering at Cannes this month.  Samuel L. Jackson stars in a little flick called “Iron Man 2” and the intriguing Will Ferrell comedy “The Other Guys.” And Annette Bening is already generating Oscar buzz for this summer’s dramedy “The Kids Are All Right.” 

Talking to Bening and Jackson, you immediately sense they are both immensely proud of “Child,” even if they are no doubt aware of the mixed reaction it has received from critics. Bening talks about the difficulty of playing such an unhappy character and reveals it was her husband, Warren Beatty, that gave her the opportunity to land the role.  Jackson admits that his agent and publicist actually wanted him to take the omantic part he’s rarely offered and also weighs in on his old buddies the Weinsteins’ expected return to run Miramax.

You can watch both of the videos embedded in this story below. 

“Mother and Child” opens in New York and Los Angeles this Friday.

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