Watch: Universal’s New ‘Skyline’ Teaser Sucks You In

08.10.10 8 years ago

Anyone who attended the San Diego Comic – Con this year could not have missed the gigantic billboard for the film “Skyline” that graced the face of the hotel overlooking the convention center. In it, what may have been a space ship hovered over a sky-blue skyline and if you got close enough to the building you could see thousands of little people-shaped silhouettes being sucked up into it.

Accompanying the billboard was a truly ingenious “How did they come up with that?” gag where hundreds of little human shapes were carved out of soap bubbles and allowed to rise up over the hotels’ air conditioning exhausts in front of the sign and up into the sky.

I noticed these cool little “bubble men” as I raced from press line to press line as one does when one “works the Con” and didn’t manage to catch any of the presentations for the film as Drew did.

The one thing I gathered from the sign and the bubble-guys was this: In “Skyline” people get sucked up into a spaceship against a pretty blue sky.

Today Universal released a teaser trailer that doesn’t really give us that much more information besides the fact that Stephen Hawking actually warned us not to try to contact the aliens from space, and maybe we should have listened to him. He did? Did I miss that? (Yes he did and I did!)

Keeping with the dreamy feel of the billboards, the teaser drifts from the newscasts with Hawkins’ warning into glimpses of the invading alien force as they bombard us with beautiful cobalt blue anti-gravity weapons.

The special effects look amazing, and the addition of screaming to the image of the multitudes getting sucked up into that ship adds an additional, disconcerting twist to my impressions of the film.

“Skyline” is directed by the Brothers Strause (“Alien vs. Predator: Requiem”) and opens November 12th, 2010

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