Avril Lavigne Was Interrupted By A Topless Woman Onstage At The Juno Awards, Making Things Very Complicated

Avril Lavigne is all for public displays of affection, as shown in her recent paparazzi-captured makeout session with her current boyfriend and rapper Tyga. Hell, the rock singer is also here for the dismantling of the patriarchy and social norms. But one very interesting individual took things a little too far tonight during the 2023 Juno Awards.

The annual music ceremony presented by the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences was supposed to be all about celebrating the country’s top musical acts. As Lavigne, who’s a Canadian native, took the stage during the ceremony, her speech was interrupted by what appeared to be a crazed fan. Initially, the musician didn’t take action. However, after realizing the topless woman was a protestor, she screamed at the activist to “get the f*ck off” of the stage before security swiftly escorted her off.

Watch the full cringey exchange below.

Now, more information has been released about the gatecrasher. The topless woman was streaking for a cause, to protest Ontario’s development of the previously protected Greenbelt land as the phrases ‘Save the Greenbelt’ and ‘Land Back’ was seen written on their body.

No further information is available regarding the protestor at this time.