Barack Obama And Bruce Springsteen Talk About Being ‘Outsiders’ On ‘CBS Sunday Morning’

In a new appearance on CBS Sunday Morning, former president Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen broke down their relationship, and what led to their eventual partnership on a podcast and now a book together. The pair announced their Spotify-exclusive “Renegades: Born In The USA” podcast back in February, and have since let fans know that a book based on those conversations is coming this October.

The book drops this Tuesday, so Barack and Bruce are now taking in part in what most authors know well — the inevitable book tour press blitz. Appearing on CBS Sunday Morning as part of that process, Obama and Springsteen both shared what it felt like to be an “outsider” while they were coming up. “It might be the story of all artists and musicians, that you start from the outside. When I was young, I felt forceless, I felt invisible, but I fought to find out where I belong,” Springsteen said.

Barack, on the other hand, gently poked fun at Springsteen’s concept of feeling like he didn’t belong. “Now I joke with Bruce, because I don’t understand why a kid from New Jersey thinks he’s an outsider,” Obama said. “Now, I’m an outsider. You can definitely understand why Barack Obama is the outsider. What I do think we both shared was that since having questions about how do we fit into the existing narrative, how do we fit into the communities that we’re born into.”

Check out the full appearance above, and pre-order Renegades: Born In The USA right here.