Björk’s New ‘Fossora’ Music Video Finds Her And The Band Frolicking And Rocking Out In Front Of Plants

Björk dropped her new music video for “Fossora,” the title track from her latest album. Noted as “an extension of the world she molded,” according to Consequence, the video opens with Björk in a wig and experimental makeup as her backing band plays. As the group moves around the video, they are still backdropped by a green screen of some moving plants.

About halfway through, the instrumental starts to change, and the wind players are eventually swapped for an incredibly-hyped DJ. This is also when the chaos starts to ensue, as Björk and the DJ start to get covered up by the plants — while she still dances around. It’s quirky. It’s attention-grabbing. It’s all the things you’d expect in a Björk song and/or video.

According to an interview in The Atlantic, Björk was inspired by the “mushroom kingdom” when making the Fossora album. “When you have a good moment in a song is when you overcome the contradiction between the universal and the personal—it becomes the same thing,” Björk said. “That is the soft spot we are all craving.”

“I just felt really grateful that people really care,” she added. “When it comes to people making an effort and understanding me, I think I’ve been pretty lucky.”

Check out Björk’s “Fossora” video above.