Frank Ocean’s Expensive Coachella Ice Skating Rink Was Used After All During Skrillex, Fred Again.., And Four Tet’s Set

The end of Coachella’s second weekend didn’t look how organizers originally planned. After Frank Ocean pulled out of his second performance after an ill-fated first weekend, Blink-182’s set was moved to Sunday (April 23) and Skrillex, Fred Again.., and Four Tet were brought in to follow them and close out the festival.

Ocean scrapping his second performance reportedly cost the festival millions of dollars, but Goldenvoice and the electronic trio made use of one particularly expensive asset.

Last week, Billboard reported the festival was “trying to make the best out of the millions of dollars spent on building a giant ice pad that was supposed to accommodate over 100 skaters during Ocean’s set last Sunday,” and that “the Goldenvoice team is working out how to incorporate it into another yet-to-be determined performance.” Another report from the publication indicated the trio would use the ice skating rink as a satellite stage of the main stage and perform in it.

Indeed, that is what happened: Skrillex, Fred Again.., and Four Tet made a stage (ice-free) out of the ice skating rink and people loved it.

This stage setup allowed fans to surround the performance area, which drew some SpongeBob Squarepants comparisons:

Check out some clips from the performance below.