Courtney Love Quit Acting Because She Experienced ‘A Bunch’ Of #MeToo Moments

Courtney Love was at the height of her career in the ’90s. Not only was she the vocalist in the renowned band Hole, but she was picking up a few roles in acclaimed films. Her supporting role in the 1994 drama The People vs. Larry Flynt even earned a Golden Globe Award nomination. But Love quit acting for nearly two decades shortly thereafter, and she just revealed the reason behind her decision: the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault in the film industry.

Sharing a photo of her at the Golden Globes in the late ’90s, Love described why she walked away from film. While she didn’t go into detail, Love described her experiences by name-dropping the viral #MeToo movement:

“For a few years, because of Milos Forman, I was a professional actress and a movie star. It was fun as hell. I was nominated for best actress, for a Golden Globe. One day I might talk about it. I love acting… I stopped being capable of it after a bunch of #metoos. No one would believe me, and it wouldn’t stop. So I left, and it left. And I’m good with it. Maybe, in my next life I’ll be stronger & able to endure it. I tip my hat to those who can.”

Elsewhere in the post, Love lamented about leaving the big screen behind. “I love it here in England,” she added. “But I sure do miss acting sometimes. To the tune of a great director. One of the greatest experiences, as a woman you can have, I think. All the glamour that comes after that is fun, flamboyant, gorgeous!”

See Love’s full Instagram post above.