Dave Grohl Shotgunned A Beer With A Foo Fighters Fan Dressed As Santa Claus

Dave Grohl has been a massively popular musician since the early ’90s, and after all these years, he’s still somebody that people can’t get enough of. That’s because, aside from his many immense talents, the Foo Fighters leader is so darn likable. In just the past month, he guested on Sesame Street and shared his hilarious reason for why he’s not on social media. He just had another crowd-pleasing moment over the weekend, when he took some time during a Foo Fighters show to shotgun a beer with a fan dressed as Santa.

Between songs, Grohl noticed the fan in the audience, wearing a Santa hat and t-shirt, and invited him on stage. As the audience member found his way up, Grohl grabbed a couple cans of beer, and the two prepared them for a proper shotgunning. When all was set, they did the deed, and then Grohl used the fan’s hat to wipe his face off.

“Let’s hear it for Santa Claus right now, let’s hear it for Santa Claus! I love you, Santa.” As the fan left the stage, Grohl added, “Good thing that was a light beer. Santa ain’t gonna make it down the chimney this year if he keeps chugging.” He then went as far as to dedicate the next song, “Big Me,” to the fan, saying, “This one goes out to Mr. Santa Claus.”

Watch Grohl shotgun a beer and perform “Big Me” above.