Ekkstacy And The Kid Laroi Are Quite ‘Alright,’ But Their Somber Song Will Leave You Frazzled

There’s emo. Then there is “Problems” musician Ekkstacy. As one of punk’s freshest faces, Ekkstacy quickly recruited a cult following. With his self-titled album out today (January 19), the full scope of his musical prowess is out for display. Across the body of work, Ekkstacy keeps the features limited to just two acts.

On “Alright,” Ekkstacy joins forces with The Kid Laroi for what is sure to be an overthinker’s anthem. The track, co-produced by ​Apob and Manget$u, gives both artists the floor to indulge in a full-on session of self-loathing.

“I don’t, don’t know where I am / Don’t know where I’ve been / And I can’t stand the place that I’m in / I’m back here again / I guess it’s alright, these things happen / And I don’t care,” sings Ekkstacy.

While Ekkstacy keeps the root of his depression secret, The Kid Laroi lays it all out in his verse. “I was on my way home when I got your message / It’s a page long, and you’re obsessing / About this other girl that you done heard I done met / But you’re the one that broke it off, I don’t know why you’re upset / You said that if there was a chance for us, it’s never again / Oh, well, I guess it was meant to end,” sings Laroi.

Prepare your tissues and listen to Ekkstacy’s new single, “Alright,” featuring The Kid Laroi above.

Ekkstacy is out now via UnitedMasters. Find more information here.