Father John Misty Delivers An Ethereal Performance Of ‘Kiss Me (I Loved You)’ On ‘Fallon’

Father John Misty stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night, still hot off the release of his album Chloë And The Next 20th Century. Joined by a stringed orchestra, a xylophonist, and guitarists, Misty performed a soft, soothing rendition of “Kiss Me (I Loved You).

Known for his silky, folksy vocals, Misty was captivating as his performance demonstrated his abilities as a vocalist and as a composer, with his instrumental writings beautifully delivered by his backing band. At one point, Misty pulls out a melodica and begins showing off his chops.

Misty, born Joshua Tillman, released Chloë And The Next 20th Century last month, marking his first album in four years. In an interview with DIY, Misty admitted that he didn’t go into the record with the intent of understanding a cohesive concept.

“Your personal life just can’t go on one-upping fiction,” he said. “I can’t really make any kind of defense or case for the record. I can’t tell you why it should exist. To find yourself so totally committed to making something you don’t understand at all is very fulfilling.”

Misty will play several festivals this summer, including Green River and 80/35. He will also tour in support of Chloë And The Next 20th Century, beginning next month.

Check out Misty’s performance of “Kiss Me (I Loved You)” above.

Chloë And The Next 20th Century is out now via Sup Pop. Stream it here.