Foo Fighters Deliver An Electric Performance Of ‘Times Like These’ At The Inauguration Special

Foo Fighters have been partnering with the Biden campaign for quite some time now, and you might remember Dave Grohl’s mom, Virginia Grohl, even appeared in conversation with her son and Jill Biden to discuss the importance of education. Then candidate, now First Lady, Dr. Biden will continue her own work in the field of education while she holds down brand new duties in the White House — although she’s familiar with that balance after eight years as the wife of the Vice President — and Grohl and co will continue to support the new president by performing live for tonight’s inauguration special.

Prior to the release of their forthcoming tenth album, Medicine At Midnight, the band opted for an older number instead of promoting new material, performing 2003’s “Times Like These” off their album One By One. Introduced by yet another teacher, Mackenzie Adams, whose videos of a high-energy zoom class for her kindergarteners went viral, the band dedicated the song to Adams. “This next song is for Mackenzie and all of our unshakable teachers who continue to enlighten our nation’s students every day,” Grohl said to introduce the performance.

While acts like Justin Timberlake have already been on stage, there are plenty more performers still to come, so check out the Foo Fighters performance above and the livestream below to catch more.