Foo Fighters Have Their Own Taco Now

It’s the 25th anniversary of Foo Fighters this year, and the band had big plans to celebrate that milestone. The pandemic forced the band to cancel most of those, but they’ve still had a big 2020. Dave Grohl had a viral drum battle, the group announced a new album, and now, Foo Fighters have their own taco.

The group has teamed up with Casa Vega Restaurant in Sherman Oaks, California to launch the limited-time-only Foo Fighters taco, which is available starting today, December 1. The specialty taco features smoked brisket, BBQ sauce drizzle, Mexican cole slaw, red pickled onion, and chopped cilantro, all in a homemade flour tortilla. There’s also a new Los Luchadores Foo tequila beer cocktail, which features La Gritona Reposado, fresh lime juice, and Modelo Especial beer.

The band and restaurant also made a video to promote the partnership, which starts with Dave Grohl pulling up to a restaurant drive-through. He tries to order a Foo Fighters taco, which doesn’t go well because that’s not a menu item anywhere. He tries multiple restaurants before getting frustrated and learning that Casa Vega does in fact serve a Foo Fighters taco.

It’s not clear how long the taco will be offered beyond “a limited time,” so people in the Sherman Oaks area can place a to-go order online or by phone now. Profits from each taco and drink will be donated to No Us Without You, an LA-based charity that “provides food security for ridiculously hardworking, undocumented, back-of-house restaurant workers that are unemployed due to COVID-19.”

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