Grimes Perfectly Claps Back At A Hater Who Said She Already Peaked With ‘Art Angels’

Grimes is an active TikTok user, and unfortunately, part of that is dealing with less-than-positive comments. Recently, for example, she responded to comments about Elon Musk and whether he funds her music career (he doesn’t). Now, she’s back to defending her honor in the comments, this time against somebody who alleged she has already peaked career-wise.

Earlier today, Grimes posted a video of herself dancing in a flowy outfit while wielding equally flowy accessories. In the comments, one user decided to try and belittle Grimes by commenting, “does it ever cross your mind that art angels was your peak.” Grimes fired back with some facts, though, replying, “[Well] miss Anthropocene outperformed despite being canceled a f so technically it wasn’t.”


Indeed, Miss Anthropocene is Grimes’ highest-charting album in the US, with a peak at No. 32 on the Billboard 200 (versus the No. 36 high of Art Angels). It’s worth noting, though, that while Miss Anthropocene was well-received, Art Angels was more critically acclaimed: It has a score of 88 on Metacritic, compared to the 79 that Miss Anthropocene achieved.

This comes not long after Grimes took to TikTok to tease a new song called “100% Tragedy,” which she says her label doesn’t believe is the sort of song that should be a single.