Hatchie Gets Chaotic On Her Hallucinogenic New Song And Video ‘Nosedive’

Earlier this year, Hatchie unleashed a stunning album called Giving The World Away. She’s currently on a tour with Alex G, and now she’s back with an energetic new earworm called “Nosedive.”

“I wrote ‘Nosedive’ with Joe [Agius] and Jorge [Elbrecht] last year after we hit up an amazing goth megaclub in Denver on a weeknight,” Hatchie said of the song. “We were inspired to recreate the energy we felt there and experiment with a lyric-free chorus. There aren’t any other songs in our live show that are this punchy, so we wanted to write something angry and powerful. It’s about realizing you don’t have control over your life despite your best efforts; I wanted the lyrics to sound like the devil on your shoulder convincing you to self sabotage.”

The trippy track is packed with sputtering, hallucinogenic sounds and her voice comes in like a guiding force for the listener. To go along with the music is a colorful, chaotic music video to heighten the sensory overload. The lyrics fit perfectly in the mayhem: “Wasted youth is a tragedy when you’re in the driver’s seat / Pray for someone to take control while you ignore your basic needs,” she sings.

Listen to “Nosedive” above.