Joanna Newsom Landed A Cameo In The ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Series Finale

The last time we saw Joanna Newsom on the screen, the talented harpist was making an appearance in her husband Andy Samberg’s 2016 film Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping alongside his Lonely Island crew. Now, five years later, Newsom once again shares a scene with Samberg, this time making a cameo in the series finale of hit sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

After eight seasons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine wrapped up with a two-part finale episode last Thursday. The final episode features an unexpected cameo by Newsom, who portrays Caroline St. Jacques Renard, the associate principal cellist for the Berlin Philharmonic. Newsom literally bursts into the scene, making an appearance after stepping out of a wooden wardrobe. Though she doesn’t have many speaking lines, Samberg does get the opportunity to label her “some nerd.”

Though it’s been a while since we last saw Newsom in an acting role, it’s also been a while since her last album. Newsom’s 2015 effort Diver is her latest full-length release, though she did recently play some solo shows across the country. Just before the pandemic shut down the live music industry, Newsom embarked on a mini-tour. Her String/Keys Incident tour made stops in cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City, and Milwaukee.

Watch Joanna Newsom’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine cameo above.