Kevin Morby Takes A Crack At Tierra Whack’s ‘Dolly,’ Her Song That’s Best-Suited For Him To Cover

Tierra Whack most commonly travels in the hip-hop lane, but the experimental rapper and singer has proven she’s capable of a lot outside of her primary genre. That was most clearly evidenced by the series of genre-specific EPs she dropped last December: Rap?, Pop?, and R&B?. While “Dolly” appeared on Pop?, it would have felt more at home on an EP called Country? or Bluegrass? or Folk?, since that’s more where the tune leans stylistically.

Now, a prominent artist in that space has shown love for the tune, as Kevin Morby has offered a live cover of “Dolly” for SiriusXMU. It’s not much a stretch to see the song performed by Morby, who didn’t have to do much to adapt it into his style, resulting in a pleasant and natural-sounding rendition of the track.

Whack previously told Billboard of the song, “If I hear something cool, I’m like, ‘I wanna try that.’ I watched the Dolly Parton documentary on Netflix and I started listening to bluegrass and I’m like, ‘Yo, this is so cool,’ and then I made a song called ‘Dolly.'”

Meanwhile, Whack has something else to celebrate, as she recently got her first movie role via an appearance in Adam Sandler’s new basketball film Hustle.

Check out Morby’s cover of “Dolly” above and revisit Whack’s original version below.