Kurt Vile Makes Nick Cave’s ‘Stranger Than Kindness’ His Own With A Cover On ‘Songs For Australia’

Last month, the Songs For Australia album was announced, the proceeds from which would benefit Australian bushfire relief. Julia Stone rounded up some artists to contribute covers of songs by Australian musicians to the project, and now that the album is out, we have a Kurt Vile rendition of Nick Cave’s “Stranger Than Kindness.” Vile’s rendition is an acoustic departure from Cave’s original, and it could fit nicely into a Vile album.

Speaking of “Stranger Than Kindness,” a Cave exhibition of the same name was set to open on March 23 in Copenhagen, Denmark, but it has now been postponed to a currently undetermined date as a coronavirus precaution.

Stone previously said of putting the album together, “I couldn’t believe the responses I was getting. I received the most heart-warming replies from the biggest, busiest artists in the world. Most of these artists have toured here, have family here, friends here, have lived here or spent time here. Everyone has such great memories of this country and to see it in flames was breaking everyone’s hearts. I often got the response that people were so happy to be offered the opportunity to do something. Everyone feels helpless in times like this.”

Listen to Vile’s cover of Cave’s “Stranger Than Kindness” above, and stream Songs For Australia below.

Songs For Australia is out now via BMG. Get it here.