Let’s Eat Grandma Examine Grief In All Forms With Their Upcoming Album’s Title Track ‘Two Ribbons’

It’s been three years since Let’s Eat Grandma, the musical duo of songwriters Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth, released their sophomore album. The pair have been through a lot in the three years since, facing mortality, heartbreak, and grief. It’s these intense emotions that they’ve poured into their upcoming album Two Ribbons, which they’ve just announced with the touching title track.

“Two Ribbons” is a slow and cathartic number. It plays on both singers’ heart-tugging songwriting as they deliver lyrics about fraying edges, friendship, and memory. In a statement about the track, Hollingworth noted it was written about some of the closest people in her life:

“‘Two Ribbons’ is a song I wrote to, and about, two of the closest people in my life, and how my relationships with them shifted over time through loss and life changes. It touches on the isolating experience of grieving, our powerlessness in the face of death, and the visceral emotions of grief.”

Watch Let’s Eat Grandma’s “Two Ribbons” video above and find their Two Ribbons album art and tracklist below.

lets eat grandma two ribbons album cover

1. “Happy New Year”
2. “Levitation”
3. “Watching You Go”
4. “Hall Of Mirrors”
5. “Insect Loop”
6. “Half Light”
7. “Sunday”
8. “In The Cemetery”
9. “Strange Conversations”
10. “Two Ribbons”

Two Ribbons is out 4/8/2022 via Transgressive. Pre-order it here.