Liam Gallagher Agrees With Dave Grohl Calling Him ‘One Of The Few Last Remaining Rock Stars’

Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl is perhaps the most beloved figure in rock, but he’s quick to heap praise onto others, too (like he did with Billie Eilish recently). In a recent NME interview, he spoke about Liam Gallagher and had some kind things to say about him and offered a compliment with which Gallagher agrees.

Grohl was asked about working with Gallagher on the latter’s new song “Everything’s Electric” and said, “Well, unfortunately we didn’t do it in person but I love being in the same room as Liam. It’s like putting a f*cking quarter in a jukebox and just turning it up with that guy. It’s f*cking great. Obviously, he’s an amazing singer and he’s a f*cking rock star. He is one of the few last remaining rock stars.”

He continued, “He was making a song [‘Everything’s Electric’] with the producer Greg Kurstin and they needed a beat, which I think was described as something [Beastie Boys’] ‘Sabotage’-esque, and so I f*cking served it up. I served up the beats. And the f*cking single turned out great. I love that song, I honestly do. I was dancing to it the other night.”

Now, Gallagher has caught wind of Grohl’s quote, as a fan asked him on Twitter, “LG, how does it feel to be named one of the ‘last remaining rock stars’ by David Grohl?” Gallagher replied, “He’s correct the rest of them are usless.”

Of course, Gallagher frequently takes to Twitter in an entertaining fashion, like last year when he mixed up (intentionally, perhaps) Greta Van Fleet with Greta Thunberg.