Lord Huron Is Blissfully Removed From The World On The Western Ballad ‘Long Lost’

Around this time last month, Lord Huron announced a new album, Long Lost, and so far, the group has shared a pair of songs from it: the driving single “Not Dead Yet” and the breezy “Mine Forever.” Now they’re back with another preview of the album (which is set for release on May 21), the title track.

The new song is a cowboy-style ballad, complete with a spaghetti Western rhythm and prominent string arrangements. There’s also some ’50s-style piano playing to liven up the verses for good measure. The aesthetic of the album so far has been particularly cowboy-indebted, so this stylistic direction is a pleasant non-surprise.

On the track, Ben Schneider seems content to be “long lost” in the expanses of nature, singing on the chorus, “Send me to the mountains / Let me go free forever / I’ll be running through the forest / Dancing in the fields like this.” He later adds that if he’s going to die anywhere, he’d prefer if it was away from an urban center, “Leave me where the moonbeams carve through the leaves like blades / Lay me in the tall-grown grass in a shallow grave / Let it have me.”

Listen to “Long Lost” above.

Long Lost is out 5/21 via Whispering Pine Studios Inc./Republic Records. Pre-order it here.

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