Lucy Dacus, A Longtime Yo La Tengo Fan, Appeared At Their Show As A Surprise Guest To Cover Carole King

Lucy Dacus has had a busy week. In addition to appearing alongside Phoebe Bridgers at Jack Antonoff’s event for The Ally Coalition on Monday night, Dacus dropped by Yo La Tengo’s concert. The band, which hosts a yearly residency at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom for Hannukah, played the third night yesterday.

As they’ve played quite a bit of songs in honor of Carole King this year, Dacus joined in on the theme. She played The Ronettes’ “Walkin’ In The Rain,” King’s “Home Again,” and her own song, “First Time,” from her 2021 album, Home Video.

She has also been a documented fan of Yo La Tengo, making her a perfect choice for a surprise guest. In 2020, she covered their song “Tom Courtenay” for the anniversary reissue of Electr-o-pura, and wrote an essay about what it meant to her.

“One day my friend brought me a stack of CDs, all Yo La Tengo, and told me to take them home, listen to them, burn them, and return them,” she wrote. “I did what I was told. I liked those records from the start, and more with every listen. I’d lay in bed listening to one of their records, pause the song I was listening to when I got too tired, then push play upon waking.”

Yo La Tengo are continuing with sold-out shows until December 25. Watch a fan video of Dacus’ encore performance below.