People Tell An Undercover Machine Gun Kelly They Don’t Care For Machine Gun Kelly

People seem to have mixed feelings about Machine Gun Kelly: Mainstream Sellout is the No. 1 album in the country right now, but people often shake their heads at his and Megan Fox’s distinct approach to their relationship and their lives. Now Kelly has gotten to see first-hand what people think of him by donning a disguise and going undercover to interview people for a new Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment.

Kelly asked somebody how they feel about him and they responded, “Um, not a huge fan. I think his new direction is a little forced.” That person was also tasked with describing MGK in three words and they went with, “want-to-be emo, blonde…” As she was giving her answer, a guy off-camera, later revealed to be wearing a Spider-Man costume, recognized Kelly and gave away his real identity.

Elsewhere, somebody else noted, “I like his music. I find the whole blood-drinking thing a bit unusual.” When asked to offer a message for Kelly, she said, “Congratulations on the wedding, please don’t sacrifice a goat at it.”

It wasn’t all hate, though, as Kelly met up with a fan who he suspected recognized him. After the jig was up, the fan noted he jumped off a roof at a Kelly concert in Venice Beach. Kelly remembered the moment immediately as he excitedly replied, “Oh my god, you’re him?! Dude, you won MVP of that whole show.”

Check out the segment above.