Matty Healy Of The 1975 Corrected A Misleading Headline About His Sexuality

Matty Healy of The 1975 is known for aligning his music with activism. The singer has taken bold stances on things like cancel culture and Alabama’s abortion ban. The singer recently sat down for an interview with Attitude to discuss his music and allyship. But the singer had to correct another publication when they posted a misleading headline about the interview that made it seem Healy was coming out.

In the original interview with Attitude, Healy discussed his sexuality and upbringing. “The first time I ever noticed a sexy kiss in real life was between two guys,” he said. “They were mum’s mates, who were dancers in a show. When I look back these are really formative experiences for people because it’s what you identify as ‘normal.’ That’s why I think there is my whatever it is, activism. A lot of my stuff comes from visceral reactions as a kid. I [also] associated art, left-leaning politics and creativity with those people.”

Later in the interview, Healy explained his understanding of his own sexuality. “Then sexuality gets changed for me because I would, and have, kissed beautiful men, but I don’t want to f*ck them,” he said. “It stops for me when it comes to [sex].”

After the interview was digitally published, another gay-oriented publication, Queerty, summarized the article. The headline states, “Matt Healy comes out as ‘aesthete,’ says he’ll kiss beautiful men but won’t have sex with them.” But Matty Healy was quick to correct the publication on Twitter, saying he never used that term and had not intended to.

“I didn’t come out as anything this a weird thing to say,” he replied. “I did an interview with a Queer publication and was asked about my sexuality. I’m not playing a game and trying to take up queer spaces I’m simply trying to be an ally and this headline makes me uncomfortable.”

In other news, The 1975 recently debuted their “Frail State Of Mind” video and plan for a late February release of their upcoming record, Notes On A Conditional Form.