MGMT Are Set To Release New Music In 2022, Singer Andrew VanWyngarden Unexpectedly Reveals On Reddit

MGMT haven’t released an album since 2018’s Little Dark Age. Things got a little weird during lockdown, when lead singer Andrew VanWyngarden dropped the coronavirus, err… anthem, entitled “On No Corona.” The band got exploratory on the hazy, ambient “As You Move Through This World,” but as a famous internet philosopher once asked, “But what does it all mean??” Well, according to VanWyngarden, this experimental phase was just an incubator for an upcoming new album and MGMT will begin releasing new music in 2022.

On Reddit’s MGMT subreddit, a user was taking a stab at guessing a title for an as-yet-to-be announced “LP5,” when VanWyngarden, seemingly out of the blue, popped in to reply: “We have a working title!,” he said, adding, “There are irons in the fire and we have been busy. I had forgotten my login info, the mgmt drought ends this year.”

Fans were stoked that VanWyngarden popped in to give an answer straight from the horse’s mouth. One superfan said, “thx 4 the blessing, popes vandrewgarden & golbenwasser.” And then in a strange MGMT universe full circle moment, the fan who originally started the thread said, “Oh thats cool I didnt even realize this was commented on my post but I saw it was trending. Anyways im sick with covid so this makes me feel astronomically better. Have a wonderful day.”

They’ll have to listen to “Oh No Corona” on repeat in the meantime, but apparently, not for much longer.