Nap Eyes Vents About Misunderstandings On The Downtrodden Single ‘So Tired’

Canadian indie-rockers Nap Eyes are gearing up for a release following their 2018 sophomore album I’m Bad Now. After announcing their next record Snapshot Of A Beginner, the group unveiled the lead single “Mark Zuckerberg,” which serves as a preview of the pitfalls of social media addiction. Now, the group is taking a different direction on “So Tired.” Opting for a more stripped-down sound, Nap Eyes gets reflective on the new single.

Backed by resonating guitar Nap Eyes’ vocalist Nigel Chapman addresses himself in the first line of the track. “Nigel you’re so scared / Of people trying to control your life and / Criticize you / Change what you do / Make you have to admit / Anyone else knows better than you do,” he muses.

In a statement, Chapman described how “So Tired” is a reflection of the exhaustion that comes from repeated misunderstandings.

“Part of this is just me venting on this subject. Sometimes I would rather flow with free writing than try to box songs into rehearsed, many-times-repeated containers. Second, at times I find myself wishing people would not hold so many preconceptions about the things in this world a given person might try to communicate. Most of us, myself included, usually assume we already know a lot – even about things we’ve spent very little time thinking about – and because of this attitude, people are often predisposed to misunderstand new ideas, even when they’re communicated in straightforward and coherent ways. But there’s no doubt, an idea won’t ever get through until there’s someone around to listen to it.”

Listen to “So Tired” above.

Snapshot Of A Beginner is out 03/27 via Jagjaguwar. Pre-order it here.