Nobody At Baggage Claim Looked Even Remotely Interested In Noel Gallagher’s Impromptu Airport Performance

If you travel often enough, you might spot a celebrity or two in the crowd. However, Noel Gallagher took it one step further. To blow off some steam after traveling, the former Oasis guitarist treated fellow nomads to an impromptu performance at Palm Beach International Airport in Florida.

The only problem is no one asked for it or seemingly cared enough to pay attention.. or at least that’s how it looks in the photos. The musician took to social media to joke about the moment on Instagram, writing, “Headlining Carousel two, Palm Beach International Airport, Florida.”

Musician Samantha Whates, who is touring with Gallagher, also shared some photos of the moment.

Gallagher has probably had his fair share of tough crowds over the many decades of his career, but apparently, none as unimpressed as people vacationing in Sunshine State. Although the entertainer’s comment section wished it had happened to them, some even asked him to hit their local airports. Others couldn’t help but let every joke in their mind fly free.

One user chimed in to add the lyrics from Oasis’ 1994 song “Talk Tonight,” “Sittin’ on my own, chewin’ on a bone. A thousand million miles from home.”

Another hilarious inquired about the setlist, posting, “Are you doing “Leaving on a jet plane,” references John Denver’s 1966 track.

It is only but a matter of time before Gallagher’s arch nemesis, brother Liam Gallagher, checks in to poke fun at the moment.