Liam Gallagher Said He’s ‘Actually Concerned’ About Noel, Who He Deemed ‘F*cking DELUSIONAL’

Early this morning, Liam Gallagher responded to his brother Noel’s recent comments about the possibility of an Oasis reunion.

“Listen Noel I know you check my tweets call me I’m actually concerned about you we all are you don’t seem yourself Cmon big guy pick it up,” Liam tweeted.

“Rkids been in usa 2 days and he’s turned into RIC FLAIR,” he added. Liam also replied with a simple “really” to someone who commented that he was the one who discussed the reunion, taking Noel’s lead.

Elsewhere, a Twitter user implored, “Pick up the phone. Send him flowers. Something.” To that, Liam responded, “F*ck him.” Somebody else said, “he says you have to call him but can’t he call you? it always has to be you doesnt it liam,” and Liam replied, “Exactly he split the band up put lots of people out of jobs ruined many folks lives and he wants me to do the calling he is f*cking DELUSIONAL he can call me though id love to hear from him it’s been to long.”

He added in response to another tweet, “He’s lost the plot thinks by playing mind games he’s gonna win over the fans all his doing now is getting asked about me in his interveiws while promoting his new drip snookered himself once again littke tart”

Noel previously made a public dare for Liam to call him during an interview with Seattle’s 98.9 KPNW radio station.

“Look, he’s gonna have to call me. He’s going to have to get somebody to call me because he’s been going on about it for the last f*cking 10 [years] or whatever it is and you know, he doesn’t want it,” Noel told the station.

“He knows that neither of us are particularly interested in it,” Noel added. “I know he doesn’t want it. I’m very comfortable with what I’m doing. I couldn’t give a flying f*ck one way or the other, but he keeps going on about it and I’m like, ‘OK well f*cking call us then.'”

Over the past few months, per usual, the two have gone back and forth over reuniting the band.

Check out the comments from both Gallagher brothers above.