Orville Peck Plays ‘C’mon Baby, Cry’ On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Next To Neon Cacti

Orville Peck unveiled his long-awaited country epic Bronco a little over a week ago, which he rolled out in three chapters. First, he released “C’mon Baby, Cry,” “Daytona Sand,” “Outta Time” and “Any Turn,” and then “The Curse Of The Blackened Eye,” “Kalahari Down,” “Trample Out The Days,” and “Hexie Mountains.”

He’s known only not just for his twangy, eccentric songs, but also for his outfits — on stage, he wears a frayed mask that covers his whole face, as well as a sparkling beige suit and a cowboy hat. He took this look to Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. The bedazzled cowboy brought the jangly “C’mon Baby, Cry” to the show, playing under yellow and red lights, amongst lit-up cacti and a floor of fog, giving the performance a real western ambiance.

When releasing the second batch of songs from Bronco, Peck said: “The songs on Bronco’s second chapter explore some of the most vulnerable places I’ve ever gone to with my music. I sing about home, escape, longing, resentment… This chapter, lyrically, has some of my favorite songs on the album. Plus I’ve always been a sucker for a ballad.”

Watch the performance of “C’mon Baby, Cry” above.