Pavement Herald Their 45-Track ‘Terror Twilight’ Reissue With The Previously Unheard Song ‘Be The Hook’

Pavement are currently plotting a highly anticipated, nearly sold-out reunion tour this summer, which is finally happening after their two-show 2020 return was canceled. Before they hit the road in June, though, Pavement have something special in store for fans who weren’t able to secure tickets to their tour: The veteran indie rockers are reissuing their 1999 album Twilight Terror in a really big way.

Pavement, along with their label Matador, has unveiled details for their massive Twilight Terror: Farewell Horizontal deluxe release, a 45-track effort that features 28 unreleased songs. It is compiled with remastered originals, B-sides, home demos, rehearsal tapes, era-appropriate live recordings, and even the rough tracks from Pavement’s session at Sonic Youth’s Echo Canyon studio. To celebrate the exciting announcement, the band also shared one of the previously unheard tracks, “Be The Hook,” which is now available on streaming platforms.

Listen to “Be The Hook” above and check out Pavement’s Twilight Terror: Farewell Horizontal cover art and tracklist below.

Pavement Twilight Terror Farewell Horizontal Album Cover

LP1 — Side A

1. “Platform Blues”
2. “The Hexx”
3. “You Are A Light”
4. “Cream Of Gold”
5. “Ann Don’t Cry”

LP1 — Side B

1. “Billie”
2. “Folk Jam”
3. “Major Leagues”
4. “Carrot Rope”
5. “Shagbag” *
6. “Speak, See, Remember”
7. “Spit On A Stranger”

LP2 — Side C

1. “The Porpoise And The Hand Grenade”
2. “Rooftop Gambler”
3. “Your Time To Change”
4. “Stub Your Toe”
5. “Major Leagues (Demo Version)”
6. “Decouvert de Soleil”

LP2 — Side D

1. “Carrot Rope (SM Demo)” *
2. “Folk Jam Moog (SM Demo)” *
3. “Billy (SM Demo)” *
4. “Terror Twilight [Speak, See, Remember] (SM Demo)” *
5. “You Are A Light (SM Demo)” *
6. “Cream Of Gold Intro (Jessamine)” *
7. “Cream Of Gold (SM Demo)” *

LP3 — Side E

1. “Spit On a Stranger (SM Demo)” *
2. “Folk Jam Guitar (SM Demo)” *
3. “You Are A Light (Echo Canyon)” *
4. “Ground Beefheart [Platform Blues] (Echo Canyon)” *
5. “Folk Jam (Echo Canyon)” *

LP3 — Side F

1. “Ann Don’t Cry (Echo Canyon)” *
2. “Jesus In Harlem [Cream Of Gold] (Echo Canyon)” *
3. “The Porpoise And The Hand Grenade (Echo Canyon)” *
4. “Spit On A Stranger (Echo Canyon)” *
5. “Be The Hook” *

LP4 — Side G

1. “You Are A Light (Jackpot!)” *
2. “Terror Twilight [Speak, See, Remember] (RPM)” *
3. “Rooftop Gambler (Jessamine)” *
4. “For Sale! The Preston School Of Industry (Jessamine)” *
5. “Frontwards (Live)” *

LP4 — Side H

1. “Platform Blues (Live)” *
2. “The Hexx (Live)” *
3. “You Are A Light (Live)” *
4. “Folk Jam (Live)” *
5. “Sinister Purpose (Live)” *

* previously unreleased

Twilight Terror: Farewell Horizontal is out 4/8 via Matador. Pre-order it here.