Petey Continues Leaning Into Life As He Adds ‘Perfect Teeth’ To His Debut Album

When most artists want to add songs to an existing album, they follow it up with a new deluxe edition featuring the additional songs. Petey went a different route today, though: He released a new track called “Perfect Teeth” and just tacked it into the end of the standard Lean Into Life album.

The song sees Petey keeping things relatively minimal with his piano and acoustic guitar arrangement. Petey explains the song’s theme is a sort of variation of the “lean into life” mantra of the album and its title track, saying, “This is a song called ‘Perfect Teeth.’ It’s a song about accepting a dissociative state as a new normal and just going with it. I recorded it with acoustic guitar and piano.”

Petey previously said of his music more broadly, “The music and the comedy are all wrapped up together as part of the same thing for me. Someone told me that a great way to create something original is to combine all of your favorite things and then fill in the gaps with your own personality. When I sing, I want to sing like Isaac Brock from Modest Mouse. When I play guitar, I want to play guitar like Chris Walla from Death Cab For Cutie. When I produce synth parts, I want to produce synth parts like Kanye West. And when I play drums, I want to play drums like Travis Barker from Blink-182. All those approaches get combined with my own story in my songs.”

Listen to “Perfect Teeth” above and revisit our recent profile of Petey here.

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