Phoebe Bridgers Reads A Heartwarming Bedtime Story From The Glastonbury Festival Grounds

Since 2006, BBC’s CBeebies’ Bedtime Stories series has tasked a number of celebrity guests to offer a reading of a nice tale to set viewers off to bed. Phoebe Bridgers is one of the latest to take part in the storied tradition (her episode is No. 831), recording her installment from the Glastonbury festival grounds.

In a teaser clip, Bridgers introduces herself from atop a hill, with a view of the expansive festival area behind her. She also introduces the book, The Spectacular Suit by Kat Patrick with illustrations from Hayley Wells. Another clip shows Bridgers reading a brief portion of the story.

A publisher’s statement on the book reads, “A buoyant and heartwarming celebration of individuality, identity, and dressing to suit yourself! It’s almost Frankie’s birthday and everything is ready — except for something to wear. All of her party dresses feel wrong. Her family tries to help, but it’s no good. What Frankie longs for is a suit. A spectacular suit… Can Frankie find the outfit of her dreams?”

It also notes the book is “the perfect gift for birthday parties, crafters, and children who don’t identify with traditional gender roles” and a “wonderful conversation starter for teachers and librarians to explore gender and identity with age-relevant material from #ownvoice creators.”

Watch clips of the reading above and watch the whole thing here (but only if you’re in the UK).