Phoebe Bridgers And Courtney Love Are Playfully Beefing On Twitter Over A ‘Basic’ Elon Musk Comparison

Phoebe Bridgers didn’t ask for beef, but she has certainly found it. Earlier this year, she drew the ire of David Crosby after smashing a guitar on stage during a Saturday Night Live performance. Now, though, it seems Bridgers has moved on from the music legend/”little b*tch” and found a new rival (albeit in a more playful way). Appropriately enough, it’s another music icon: Courtney Love.

Over the weekend, Elon Musk was brainstorming about his upcoming SNL hosting gig and tweeted, “Throwing out some skit ideas for SNL. What should I do?” One Twitter user responded with a Bridgers reference, writing, “smash a guitar.” Courtney Love caught wind of that tweet and tweeted at Bridgers, “Elon would never be so ‘basic’ as to smash a guitar,” adding a couple of winking emojis. Now, Bridgers is ready to get into a (fake) beef with Courtney Love, as she shared Love’s tweet and added, “finally, the rivalry of my dreams.”

While the playful emojis certainly suggest that Love is just fooling around, if she had to take sides in a Musk/Bridgers dispute, she might go with Musk, as they seem to be friends. She responded to Musk’s tweet soliciting ideas, “Do a skit recalling how your personal MDMA chefs product didn’t work on me @coachella #awkward.” She has also long been a supporter of Musk’s endeavors in space, tweeting in 2017, “Elon Musk is taking us into the future. Watch out universe, here come the weirdest aliens you’ve ever seen, us!”