Ratboys Got A Special Shout-Out From Bernie Sanders At A Campaign Rally

Chicago indie rockers Ratboys were in for a surprise Sunday morning when they logged onto Twitter: They got to see a clip from Bernie Sanders‘ most recent campaign rally, in which he applauded the band for their support.

The shout-out came during a campaign stop in Davenport, Iowa. Ratboys were incredulous upon seeing the video snippet. “This timeline is insane,” they wrote.

The shout-out likely came in response to the support they’ve given Sanders. Vocalist Julia Steiner and fellow bandmate Dave Sagan played an acoustic set at the candidate’s campaign rally in Davenport. “So incredibly honored and excited to support Bernie’s campaign in person,” they wrote.

Ahead of supporting Sanders’ campaign, Ratboys have been steadily releasing music in anticipation of their forthcoming record, Printer’s Devil. Most recently, they released a spooky short film to accompany the track “I Go Out At Night.” The black-and-white video shows the band trick-or-treating for candy on Halloween night.

Steiner said the band really wanted the track to stand out. “We wanted this song to feel different from the rest, something like a daydream or a fantasy. We experimented with synths during the bridge and the outro. I’m extremely happy with how all of the sounds interact — it comforts me for reasons I find hard to describe.”

Printer’s Devil is out 2/28 via Topshelf Records. Pre-order it here.