Rex Orange County’s Lush New Single ‘Pluto Projector’ Is An Emotional ‘Pony’ Preview

Rex Orange County announced his new album Pony a month ago, and how he has followed up lead single “10/10” with an emotional new song, “Pluto Projectors”

The track begins with Rex Orange County asking some big questions about himself: “The great protector: Is that what I’m supposed to be? / What if all this counts for nothing, everything I thought I’d be? / What if by the time I realize, it’s too far behind to see?” The song features big production from there, and it concludes with a stirring string section before gently riding into the sunset with guitar and pitched-down vocals.

In a recent interview, Rex Orange County said of working on Pony, “It’s just been interesting getting back into it and working out what I want to say — I know that people are interested, so whether you like it or not, that’s going to play into your mind. My thoughts on the perception of what people are going to think makes it take a bit longer. It means I have to write stuff that doesn’t sound like me, never put it out, and know that I had to do that in order to get to the good stuff. I can’t wait to put stuff out now.”

Listen to “Pluto Projector” above.

Pony is out 10/25 via Sony Music. Pre-order it here.