Rhye’s Mike Milosh Is Suing Alexa Nikolas’ Attorneys, Alleging Malicious Prosecution

In March 2021, Rhye’s Mike Milosh was accused of sexual assault and grooming by ex-wife Alexa Nikolas, an actress perhaps best known for her role on the Jamie Lynn Spears-led Nickelodeon series Zoey 101. Shortly after, Nikolas filed a lawsuit, accusing Milosh of sexual assault, grooming, and emotional distress. Now, Milosh is taking some legal action of his own: Rolling Stone reports the singer is suing Nikolas’ attorneys, accusing them of knowingly filing a “frivolous” lawsuit that “lacked any legal basis or factual support” regarding the assault allegations against Milosh.

Nikolas dropped the initial suit this past may but she told Rolling Stone she plans to re-file soon.

As for Milosh’s new suit, it says the allegations made against him “were, and still are, complete nonsense” and that the claims were “barred by a fully executed stipulated Judgment” both Milosh and Nikolas signed during divorce proceedings. The suit also notes, “Defendants knew about the Judgment and its preclusive effects. But that did not stop Defendants from filing the lawsuit, hiding the judgment from the Court, dragging Mr. Milosh’s name through the mud, and dismissing the lawsuit only after realizing that Mr. Milosh was not going to give in to their extortion.”

Milosh is asking for over $10 million in damages, suing the law firms Greenberg Gross and Gibbs Law along with the attorneys from the firms who represented Nikolas in her suit. Alan Greenberg, managing partner of Greenberg Gross, told Rolling Stone in a statement, “Milosh’s case is completely baseless and will be thrown out of court in short order.”