The Ever-So-Mysterious Sault Revealed Their Debut Live Show And Their Plans For 2024 With A Cryptic Teaser Video

There are levels to being mystique. In the basement, you have secretive. Then, the British music collective Sault-type of cloaking is at the top level. Yesterday (December 9), the “Out Of Lies” musicians hinted that they are itching to break out of their reclusive shells with the hopes of connecting with their fans.

Thanks to a cryptic teaser video uploaded to Sault’s official Instagram page, the group revealed general information about their forthcoming debut live show and possibly concert plans for 2024. In a flash, the screen shows that Sault has intentions to share their latest five albums with audiences around the world. The message reads: “Album 5 (New York). Album Nine (London). Album Black is (LA). Album Untitled Rise (Canada). Album 11 (Germany). Album Air (Paris). Album Earth (Africa).”

As far as the order of appearance goes, it appears their next project, supposedly titled Acts of Faith, will kick things off with a performance in London on December 14. At this time, a location hasn’t been announced. But according to the group, more information, including ticket sales, will begin on Monday, December 11.

Back in November, Sault promised an inaugural performance for their supporters, and based on these posts, they are sticking to their goal.