Sylvan Esso’s Delightful Alternate ‘Ferris Wheel’ Video Was Made In ‘Animal Crossing’

Sylvan Esso, the indie pop duo comprised of working couple Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn, are gearing up for the release of their third studio record, Free Love. So far, the duo have shared the singles “Rooftop Dancing” and “Ferris Wheel” alongside vibrant videos. But since their upcoming album’s roll-out was hindered by quarantine, Sylvan Esso decided to jump on the Animal Crossing bandwagon and film an alternate video within the popular Nintendo Switch game.

The video opens with a look at Meath’s Animal Crossing character. She explores her island’s carnival, passing by a cotton candy machine and old school arcade games. Meath is able to live vicariously through her character, performing on stage to an Animal Crossing crowd and even lighting up the sky with fireworks.

In a recent interview with Uproxx, Meath and Sanborn talked about how getting into arguments actually facilitated their songwriting process and made them a stronger couple. “Arguing is so underrated,” Sanborn said. “As a Midwesterner, I think I avoided confrontation. I really appreciate Amelia bringing it into my life. We have to say when we don’t like stuff, because it forces you to defend your idea. And on top of that, our original band goal was exclusively to make music that both of us liked. And that inherently means we’re going to argue about stupid sh*t.”

Watch the new “Ferris Wheel” video above.

Free Love is out on September 25 via Loma Vista. Get it here.