The 1975’s Matty Healy ‘F*cking Hates’ Metallica But ‘F*ck Yeah’ He Likes Kate Bush

The 1975 are set to drop their new album Being Funny In A Foreign Language this fall. Ahead of time, the band spoke with Pitchfork about the creative process behind the records, as well as their inspirations, of the past and today.

The author of the piece noted that throughout the interview, The 1975’s lead vocalist Matty Healy dropped several F-bombs. When asked if he was a fan of Kate Bush, Healy said, “f*ck yeah.” Healy, however, revealed that he’s not big on all Stranger Things-related music, saying, “I f*cking hate Metallica. My worst band of all time.”

Healy did not further discuss Metallica. However, he shared that he shared an early listen of his band’s new album with Taylor Swift, who summed up the record saying, “It’s so funny.

He also expanded on the band’s choice to work with Jack Antonoff to produce Being Funny In A Foreign Language, which he says has left fans polarized.

“People may think that it’s ‘uncool’ to work with the biggest producer in the world — I don’t give a f*ck,” said Healy. “I wanna make a great f*cking record… Jack doesn’t get enlisted by a lot of the best artists because he’s some go-to guy — Jack’s good.”

Being Funny In A Foreign Language is out 10/14 via Dirty Hit. Pre-save it here.