The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas Strikes Concern From Fans Once Again After His TRNSMT Performance

The Strokes are currently touring the world in support of their 2020 album The New Abnormal. Right now, the band is in Europe where they’ve performed at a few festivals including Denmark’s Roskilde Festival and Lancashire’s Lytham Festival. The Strokes’ latest stop was in Scotland for the 2022 TRNSMT Festival, and it’s here that fans were once again left worried about The Strokes’ lead vocalist, Julian Casablancas, after the performance. Some labeled his onstage behavior as “worrying” while others believed he was heavily intoxicated and in need of an “intervention.”

This isn’t the first time in the past week that fans have expressed their concerns about Casablancas. Following The Strokes’ set at Denmark’s Roskilde Festival, similar concerns were shared about Casablancas. After that performance, Casablancas took to Instagram to respond to fans’ worries in a now-deleted Instagram post. “I’m not tuned into twitter things enough to know what some confused fan thinks or pretends they know, but i’m fine… far as i know,” Casablancas wrote. “People been asking me weiiird questionnns – ahh the dumb side of social media… Lame-Os running around so hard and free.”

He added, “PS the concerns and questions are kind and fine! it’s the strangers announcing /acting like they know some sh*t that’s dumb. (weird questions not the dumb side haha).”

You can read the comments from those who watched The Strokes at the TRNSMT Festival below.