‘More Music From The xx’ Is Finally Coming, Oliver Sim Confirms

The individual members of The xx have been quite busy as of late. Oliver Sim released his debut solo album, Hideous Bastard, last month. Romy Madley Croft has been fostering her solo project as Romy, making festival appearances and appearing on a recent Fred Again.. track. And Jamie xx — who has developed easily the biggest profile of the London trio — has been touring the world atop festival bills and just released his latest track, “Kill Dem” last month as well.

But in a recent interview on Consequence’s Kyle Meredith With… podcast, Sim opened up about future plans for The xx and elaborated that even though the group has been focused on solo careers lately, “more music from The xx” is in fact coming soon. A new album would follow up 2017’s I See You.

He said, “The xx will always be my home and will always be my priority. And normally I wouldn’t speak for Romy and Jamie, but I know they feel the same. I think all of us doing our solo projects just makes me excited. It’s like, how is this gonna change the band? What have we all learned independently? And nothing is recorded at the moment, but there is more music from The xx, definitely.”

The band are clearly still very close, as The xx’s official Instagram account frequently featured photos of the three together. When Sim’s album dropped, they were all together to help him celebrate.

Now let’s see if they can make it back into the studio together…