Trent Reznor Excitedly Pointed Out A Rainbow Mid-Song As Darkness Finally Became Light At A Nine Inch Nails Show

Before their upcoming US headlining and summer festival tour dates, Nine Inch Nails are in the midst of their first tour through the UK in four years. And this past weekend, they played back-to-back shows at The Eden Project in rural Cornwall, England — the world’s largest greenhouse complex, which also happens to house the largest indoor rainforest in the world.

It’s one hell of a setting for the pop-up stage at the foot of the complex where Nine Inch Nails performed, yet the weather systems for the two shows could not have been more different. Friday’s show took place under the scorching summer heat, before Saturday gave way to glorious rainfall sweeping over the grounds, dissipating just enough for Trent Reznor to take center stage for the last of the two-night run. Smack in the middle of the band’s set, as the band started to play “Less Than” (off of 2017’s Add Violence), a giant rainbow emerged from the sky. Nobody thought that it was possible for colors this bright to pierce through the sea of black that is a Nine Inch Nails crowd, not even Reznor, who cut through his lyrics to point mightily at the heavens and happily proclaim, “A f*cking rainbow,” and then almost instantly goes into the song’s chorus.

Happiness and light swept through the darkness of the NIN crowd — perhaps for the first time ever? — proving that Trent Reznor holds his fans’ emotions at his fingertips. Your moment of zen is below.