Weezer And Fall Out Boy Guess What Strippers In Hell Would Look Like On ‘Family Feud’

This fall, Weezer, Fall Out Boy, and Green Day were supposed to make ’90s and ’00s alternative rock fans’ dreams come true with the joint Hella Mega Tour. Naturally, like most other live entertainment events, that will not be going on as planned. Weezer and Fall Out Boy have made up for it in a small way, though, as the groups faced off against each other on Family Feud.

During one of the show’s characteristically leading questions, Weezer and Fall Out Boy (the latter of whom were joined by “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race” video star Seth Green) speculated who of their loved ones strippers in Hell would look like. The top answer, naturally, was “mother,” and others included “grandmother,” “ex,” “mother-in-law,” “wife/mate,” “dad,” and three people surveyed decided to respond “dog.”

Before that question kicked off, Pete Wentz and Rivers Cuomo shared a hug, with Wentz commenting, “I think that’s the first time we ever hugged.” With a laugh, Cuomo added, “Maybe the last time.”

The winnings went to charity, so Weezer played in support of Reverb, while Fall Out Boy played for the Fall Out Boy Fund, which may sound like a scheme for the group to line their own pockets but is actually a fund they launched in 2017 to give back to Chicago.

Watch clips from the episode above and below.

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