Wet Begrudgingly Accepts Their Place In Their Lovers’ Lives On The New Single ‘I’m Not Her’

It can be a painful realization when someone comes to terms with the fact they are not “the one,” but rather “another one” that fills the void the true “one” left. Wet sings through this reality on their new single “I’m Not Her,” a somber piano ballad confronting the commonality of using someone to get over someone else.

“Guess my place was taken long before / Before I was ever faced with this lonely man I call my baby,” Kelly Zutrau emotes in the chorus. Later on, in her sole verse, she admits to wishing things were different, saying, “Oh, I wish I could convince myself / That I wasn’t born and just here to help you get over someone else / But that wasn’t never me.” The record sits at just two minutes and 14 seconds, but it is enough to trigger the lovelorn threads within all listeners.

“I’m Not Her” follows the release of “Tell Me Why” back in May. The two tracks are set to appear Wet’s upcoming seven-song EP Pink Room, a relatively quick follow-up to their October 2021 album and first independent release Letter Blue.

Listen to “I’m Not Her” above.

Pink Room is out 7/8 via Friends Of Secretly Canadian. Pre-order it here.