Willow Shaved Her Hair Off On Stage While Playing An Epic, Punk Rock Version Of ‘Whip My Hair’

Fresh off a massive pop-punk collaboration with her own inspirations, Avril Lavigne and Travis Barker, Willow is in a pretty punk mode herself. This past Friday she released that joint track “Grow,” and now she’s reinventing one of her own earliest singles. While performing “Whip My Hair” live — an electrifying, spruced up version of it, no less — the young star called a barber onstage during the middle of a wicked guitar solo. She pulled up a stool, sat down, and continued playing while the barber began to razor Willow’s hair off mid-song.

Given the lyrics of the song double down on whipping your hair “no matter if it’s long or short,” she’s definitely acting out her own words with the move. If it seems like Willow has been everywhere lately, well that’s because she has been. “Grow” was just one of the biggest and newest singles off her new project, Lately I Feel Everything, and the album also features plenty of other artist cameos, like Tierra Whack and Cherry Glazer, along with Barker on not one, not two, but three songs. She shaved her hair during the revitalized version of “Whip My Hair” that came out the end of a live set she produced to showcase the new music, deftly proving she’s an artist who knows how to learn and grow as she matures. Check out the epic clip above.