Willow Must Confront Her Emotions On Her Own In Her New Video For ‘Alone’

Just over a year after releasing her fifth album, COPINGMECHANISM, Willow is back with new music. Tonight (November 2), she has dropped a new single called “Alone,” which features the 23-year-old artist at her most introspective.

On “Alone,” Willow is forced to confront her innermost thoughts on her own. But she later finds solace in her solitude.

“Nothing is what it seems / When you wake, when you dream / When you talk, is it not medicine for us all? / Show me something I cannot define,” she sings on one of the song’s verses.

Over the past few years, Willow has took on more of a rock sound, but “Alone” has noticeable neo-soul influences.

Willow has been making music since she was 10 years old. Not to mention, she’s the child of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith — one of the buzziest celebrity couples in the world. Shortly after news broke that Will and Jada had been separated for six years, Willow shared a cryptic post on Instagram, reading “I think solitude can be scary for humans sometimes. There is so much space to remember and reflect on things that may be really painful for us.”

While some thought that Willow may have been alluding to her parents’ shocking revelations as noted in Jada’s memoir, it seems that the most is more in conjunction with her music.

And through her music, it seems Willow is at peace.

You can listen to “Alone” above.